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Service Agreement Program

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Maximize Your Comfort with Our Service Agreement Program

American Air Conditioning & Heating: Ensuring Year-Round System Efficiency

At American Air Conditioning & Heating, we are committed to delivering exceptional heating, cooling, and electrical system services to our valued customers. Our Service Agreement Program is designed to provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for maintaining your home comfort systems. This program is not just a plan; it's our promise to you, ensuring your systems operate at peak performance throughout the year.

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The Benefits of our Service Agreement

Biannual System Servicing: Proactive Care for Your Comfort

Our Service Agreement Program includes a biannual servicing schedule, ensuring your heating, cooling, and electrical systems are in optimal condition. Regular maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan of your systems, improving efficiency, and preventing unexpected breakdowns. Our experienced technicians will conduct thorough inspections and servicing twice a year, targeting potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs.

Exclusive Savings: 10% Off Repair Parts and Labor

As a member of our Service Agreement Program, you enjoy exclusive savings. Receive a 10% discount on all repair parts and labor, making it more affordable to keep your systems running smoothly. These savings can significantly reduce your overall maintenance costs, providing not just peace of mind but also a more economical solution for your home maintenance needs.

Same-Day Service: Fast and Reliable Solutions

We understand that when you need service, you need it fast. Our Service Agreement members benefit from priority scheduling, including same-day service options. This means quicker responses and resolutions for your service needs, ensuring that your comfort is restored without unnecessary delays.

Low Rates: Affordable Comfort All Year Round

Our annual Service Agreement Program is structured to offer you the highest quality service at the most affordable rates. Investing in this program means you're not just getting routine maintenance; you're ensuring that your home remains a haven of comfort and safety, all while managing your expenses more effectively.

Why Choose Our Service Agreement Program?

Comprehensive Coverage: Our program covers all aspects of your heating, cooling, and electrical systems, ensuring they are serviced and maintained to the highest standards.

Expert Technicians: Our team comprises certified and experienced professionals dedicated to providing superior service and expert advice.

Preventative Maintenance: Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your systems.

Energy Efficiency: Properly maintained systems operate more efficiently, reducing your energy bills and environmental footprint.

Peace of Mind: With regular servicing, you can rest easy knowing that your home’s essential systems are in good hands.

Home Generator Maintenance

As part of our Service Agreement at American Air Conditioning, Heating & Electric, we include specialized generator services to ensure your backup power source remains reliable and efficient. Understanding the critical role generators play in providing emergency power, our expert technicians perform meticulous services in line with manufacturer specifications.

Optimal Generator Performance

Our generator maintenance includes changing oil filters and spark plugs, integral components that influence the performance and longevity of your generator. Regular replacement of these parts is essential to maintain optimal functionality and prevent common issues that could lead to failures during crucial times.

Ensuring Safety

Safety checks form a cornerstone of our service. We thoroughly inspect your generator for any potential safety hazards, ensuring it operates safely and effectively. This includes checking for fuel leaks, proper ventilation, and electrical connections, safeguarding against risks like fire or carbon monoxide exposure.

Thorough Generator Diagnosis

Additionally, our team conducts a basic overall diagnosis, meticulously assessing your generator's condition. We look for signs of wear and tear, test electrical output, and ensure the generator is ready to perform when you need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often are the services scheduled?

A: Services are scheduled twice a year to ensure optimal performance of your systems.

A: Yes, you can enroll in our Service Agreement Program at any time. Just contact us to get started.

A: Yes, in addition to maintenance and discounts, members often receive exclusive offers and insights into the latest HVAC and electrical solutions.